The UWA Motorsports Team has been operating since 2001 and has been building electric vehicles since 2017.

We compete annually at FSAE-Australasia in Melbourne with the aim of returning to international competition in the next three years.

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A look at some of our past cars.

If you join the club, these are the sort of cars you'll gain hands-on experience with.

2005 - FSL-005

Scoring a previously unheard of 952.8/1000 potential points at the 2005 FSAE-Australasia competition UWAM placed 1st in Engineering Design, Endurance, Presentation and Autocross events.

The team proudly took home its first ever 1st place overall FSAE-A trophy.

The team proudly achieved a strong 4th place in the Engineering design in FSAE Michigan 2006.

2007 - IHS-007

The team proudly won the World Championship with IHS-007 achieving first place in both the 2007 FSAE-A Competition and FSAE Michigan 2008.

The IHS-007 is capable of 0-100Kmh in 3.2s, doing 0-75m in only 3.7s

The Honda CBR600RR engine with custom fuel injection and exhaust made 100hp and weighed a total of 195kg.

2011 - Phoenix-011

In order to reduce costs and meet time restrictions the 2010 monocoque was regened with updated componentry for the 2011 FSAE-Australasia competition.

With a strong team, this car placed 2nd overall.

Achieving a 2nd place in Endurance and a phenomenal three 1st places, in Acceleration, Autocross & Fuel Economy.