About Us

We compete annually at FSAE-Australasia in Melbourne with the aim of returning to international competition in the next three years.

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Who are we?

We are a group of students from UWA comprised of up-and-coming talented engineers, technicians and business professionals that strive to push the limits of engineering to produce world-class electric racecars.

We compete in the Formula SAE competition, a student business and design competition where teams from universities around the world compete in the designing, manufacturing, testing and racing of small formula-style racecars.

UWA Motorsport has had success at many of these global events in our distinguished history, dating back to our founding in 2001. The team has recently focused on competing in the Australasian event hosted in Victoria, but we are optimistic for our ability to compete on a global scale through the events held in Europe and North America.

Why join us?

Our participation in F-SAE events allows UWA students to develop the skills they learn in the classroom into practical engineering experiences.

The project requires a vast team to undertake the technical, operational and financial challenges that are inherent in a successful motorsport team.

We provide an opportunity for sponsors to invest in the future of engineers and business professionals, through investing in students who will develop these technologies for the rest of their careers.

The team offers benefits for students from all faculties; We do not just make the car, but source parts and sponsors, manage and plan events, create and distribute marketing material, and much more.

Some of the things students can get involved with are:

Students are given the opportunity to design, build, and race a car against other universities globally.

Vehicle Dynamics

  • Suspension
  • Steering
  • Wheels and Tyres


  • Composites such as Carbon Fibre


  • Engine
  • Exhaust
  • Intake
  • Differential
  • Drivetrain


  • MoTeC ECU and loggers
  • Sensors and Telemetry
  • Ignition


  • Project Management
  • Finance Management
  • Marketing & Media
  • Events & IT


  • Race Engineer
  • Track Day Coordinator
  • Driver Training

A look at some of our past cars.

If you join the club, these are the sort of cars you'll gain hands-on experience with.

2005 - FSL-005

Scoring a previously unheard of 952.8/1000 potential points at the 2005 FSAE-Australasia competition UWAM placed 1st in Engineering Design, Endurance, Presentation and Autocross events.

The team proudly took home its first ever 1st place overall FSAE-A trophy.

The team proudly achieved a strong 4th place in the Engineering design in FSAE Michigan 2006.

2007 - IHS-007

The team proudly won the World Championship with IHS-007 achieving first place in both the 2007 FSAE-A Competition and FSAE Michigan 2008.

The IHS-007 is capable of 0-100Kmh in 3.2s, doing 0-75m in only 3.7s

The Honda CBR600RR engine with custom fuel injection and exhaust made 100hp and weighed a total of 195kg.

2011 - Phoenix-011

In order to reduce costs and meet time restrictions the 2010 monocoque was regened with updated componentry for the 2011 FSAE-Australasia competition.

With a strong team, this car placed 2nd overall.

Achieving a 2nd place in Endurance and a phenomenal three 1st places, in Acceleration, Autocross & Fuel Economy.

Thanks to all our major sponsors